Do you hear the people sing?


If you’re a fan of musicals – as I am – then you may recognise the reference. “Do you hear the people sing?” is a song from the imperious Les Miserables as the cast unite to defiantly let their oppressors know that they are ready for the fight.

I’m also a massive fan of soccer (see what I did there) and of course the Columbus Crew and this morning I was thinking about how “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical Carousel has been so influential in my life and how soccer needs more songs adapted from musicals.

As the ridiculously talented Neil Patrick Harris pointed out whimsically in his 2011 Tony Award opening performance “It’s not just for gays anymore.”, not that it ever was.

I thought to myself what would be the song to choose to encapsulate the defiance of our recent plight, so here is my offering. Maestro, if you please *clears throat*…

Do you hear Nordecke sing, singing our songs of black and gold?
It is the music of Columbus and the Crew is what we own.

Hear our song we saved the crew, tell all the people near and far.
This team was never yours, Columbus Crew is ours.

Credit: Louis F. Caso (image avec amour et respect a le tricolor)

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