The only man I want to hear from for the leave campaign, is no longer with us

I only care about the truth and as such, while looking around certain articles and videos online, I came across something I would like to share with you.

There are many people that have told me because I’m a scouser (and we are all the same) that I will always vote a certain way and yet nothing could be further from the truth.

I was educated by a proud scouse socialist, my grandmother and I am proud to have been. I am not an expert in politics and nor will I ever claim to be but I know what I perceive to be right and wrong and why.

My Gran never once told me what to be, she told me what she was and why. The fact I decided to follow in her footsteps was completely of my own choosing. She taught me one of the greatest and overlooked skills in life, critical thinking.

The ability to examine a premise and through investigation and debate come to form my own opinion. I miss her so much.

Anyway, the point is, the only man I’ve ever looked up to in politics is not Jeremy Corbyn. He’s certainly not the evil racist that certain heavily invested sections of the main stream media would have you believe and I believe him to be a good man. That said, he’s a huge reason why we are in the position we are.

Corbyn is culpable for the debacle around Brexit by his inaction. It might not be the electoral fraud of his “peers” like Boris and Nigel but it’s still indicative of a lack of character.

The argument is that had he backed Brexit, he would have lost supporters in his own party. That’s no doubt true but how then can you hold him up as a man of moral integrity when he took the easy way out?

There are those that will argue, his vision is for the greater good of this country and that the ends will justify the means. While again I can see where these people are coming from, I still don’t buy that. It’s an excuse. Tony Benn was a man of conviction and he would not have strayed away from telling people exactly what he thought and campaigning for it.

Tony Benn was also for leaving the European Union. I won’t cheapen it by saying he wanted “Brexit”, such terms are indicative of the media driven joke politics now is and are not becoming of such a dedicated proponent of justice.

Watching previous videos of speeches by Tony Benn as to why Britain should leave the European Union is revolutionary. To see him deliver the facts with no agenda and no fear mongering or closet racism, it certainly at least gives you a pause for thought.

And yet, I disagree. I don’t disagree that the system in Europe could improve or that the one we have here is better but I disagree that it’s the best thing for this country.


The European Union certainly has its own agenda, of that there can be no doubt but I am yet to see anything that alarms me to the rate of the agenda of the Tory party in the 80’s or the austerity Britain that they have created today.

Perhaps it makes me a hypocrite, having admitted the system in Europe is undemocratic but having grown up in a working class city as a working class man and never wanted to be rich, I am exactly the target of the type of politicians who will line their own pockets at my expense and the expense of my family and friends.

So does it make me a hypocrite to vote for my own agenda? Well yes, but we are all hypocrites in one way or another and when my agenda puts first the down trodden in society, the sick and the poor, those that a civilised society should look to protect first and foremost, I don’t think that’s the worst thing.

Today on the 71st birthday of the NHS, our greatest institution I reaffirm my position that nothing is more important to a civilised society to look after its most vulnerable and I don’t remember the last time the European Union came after our NHS or were responsible for our country being considered impoverished as per the findings of UN expert Philip Alston.

So here it is, the words of the only man who has given me pause for thought on the matter. A man who spoke passionately about what he believed in and without prejudice nor any financial motive. A truly great man, who though he may have disagreed with me, I would like to hope and believe that he would have at least understood and respected why I held a different view than he did.

What proof do I have? Only the words of the man himself:

“You have to try to build support around causes. It is uniting to campaign on a single issue, and it is never just a single issue; it’s always more than that.”

RIP Tony,

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