The Dallas Cowboys – America’s team

I can sit here and unequivocally state – without any doubt in my mind- that the Dallas Cowboys are America’s team.

I’ll even double down and say – whether you like them or not – you will be powerless to make a logical argument as to why I am wrong, if you’re honest.
Don’t believe me? Read on.
Let’s not deal in hyperbole here, there’s no need. I’m not going to talk about who are the most passionate fans or any other such unquantifiable opinions, I’m going to make this about cold hard facts.
The Dallas Cowboys are the richest team in sports. All sports. This is a feat made all the more remarkable when Real Madrid – the richest and most successful team in the biggest sport in the world are third on the list.
If the Cowboys are America’s team, then the Yankees are America’s baseball team using this metric as they are one and two respectively.

Again, even though I personally am a Dodgers fan who dislikes the Yankees, I would have no choice but to agree.
So it’s all about money then? Of course not.

Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys for $140m – Donald Trump famously turned down this opportunity saying it would be a waste of money, another great example of his business acumen – Jerry of course then went on to turn them into a five billion dollar franchise.
I mean, that certainly helps and so do five Super Bowls, three coming in four years.
So is success the reason? Obviously not. If it was then America’s team would change practically every year.
So it’s not money in spite of what people think. How can it be in a league that now has a salary cap, one that rival fans delight in reminding the Cowboys fans that they haven’t won under?
Was it Tex Schramm and Bob Ryan, who along with John Facenda were the main protagonists in creating the documentary “America’s Team”?
Well we are certainly getting closer to the truth now.
Whether you believe something to be true or not, it has to be stated first before its validity can be debated.
It’s funny that in this era – where “fake news” reigns supreme and being first is more important than being factual – that we can still go back to 1978 and see it in action in a marketing context.
Bob Ryan himself commented: “It’s like the truth according to Stalin.”
No one is doubting it was propaganda, if they are, they’re wrong.
Many people hear the term “propaganda” and think of falsified information, but that’s not always the case.

Propaganda in fact can be truthful information, it is however not without bias and with a clear agenda and that’s what this film was.
Here’s the kicker though, the Dallas Cowboys were America’s team before the film “America’s team.” This is self evident by the fact that the reason Bob Ryan came up with the name “America’s team” is because that was how they were viewed in the public eye in general.
It was not created out of thin air, it was based on him believing vehemently that this was how America saw the Cowboys in the context of American Football.
With that said, it’s an arbitrary title overall. It’s quantifiable in some ways but not others, it’s like when people argue over who is “greatest”, there are so many defining factors and variables that there is no one true infallible answer.
So with all of this said, how can I still, having debunked the idea that America has one team greater than any other over its history still have the nerve to call the Cowboys “America’s team”?
Oh stick with me because this is beautiful, like some true Sixth Sense ending shit. Ready to get your ass M. Night Shyamalan’ed?
Ok then…
It’s you! You make it a self fulfilling prophecy by making the Cowboys bigger in your mind and bigger in stature by even entertaining the idea, whether for or against.
America’s team isn’t a term based on how great the Cowboys are, it’s based on how obsessed the country is with them.
No team in the NFL can evoke more emotion, positive or negative than the team from Dallas, not even the Patriots and they’ve dominated for years and the hatred against them is based on them being the best.

They are the best by the way, unquestionably so if we are talking about the modern era.
The Cowboys are America’s team, because America – and even Football fans like myself outside of the United States – made and continue to make them so.
You gave them and give them that platform day in and day out and you’re never not going to love or hate the cowboys.
It’s literally how I came to be a Cowboys fan for a small time anyway, defending them from irrational hatred.
Either you’re a Cowboys fan and you want confirmation bias or you support any of the 31 other teams and you feel slighted and are seeking cognitive dissonance.
It’s a paradox, be it a glorious inevitability or a prison of your own making.
Or perhaps as the original cowboys of the wild west may have put it:
“You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.”

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