We’re not English, We are Scouse!

Image courtesy of realworth.org

It’s a phrase that along with booing the national anthem has seen the hatred of fans of Liverpool grow exponentially, as if those that are so upset needed further excuse to be so.

We didn’t ask for this, you allowed it to happen.

I can hear people screaming at the monitor already “self pity city”, “always the victims” and you wonder why we want nothing to do with you.

If you are one of those people, it is you I am addressing. There are of course fans from all over the country who sympathise and empathise with what my club and city has been and is still going through and to them I say, thank you.

I’ve heard a lot of hyperbole about Liverpool as a club and yet, one thing in all my years stands true and that is that we are different. From the songs we sing, the colour we bring and the ideals we as a majority hold.

We care.

They call us a self pity city and yet, the reason that they hate us so much is because of the ire we draw by being the exact opposite.

Liverpool were always disliked as any big club that dominates will be. It was a jealousy that was passed down from generation to generation from bitter father and mother to bitter son and daughter. It’s not exclusive to Liverpool, nor even football.

The hatred of Liverpool though transcends sport. It finds itself deep rooted in the psyche of the country of your less than average brain dead S*n reader.

Certain fans of other clubs didn’t just allow themselves to blindly hate Liverpool fans without having all the facts, they welcomed the opportunity to do so. Finally, a stick that we can beat the scouse reds with for eternity. Even some – more than I would like to admit – Scousers from the blue side of Merseyside saw that opportunity to join in as well.

Do you think the vitriol would be so great from our blue neighbours if they were the more successful club in the city? I doubt it.

I refer of course to Heysel. The manslaughter that took place on that day is a stain on this club’s history. It isn’t one we should or do ignore and it is a tragedy that we will never be able to apologise enough for, to the families of those who lost their loved ones.

We accept our share of the blame, yes there were obvious mitigating factors that mean it  should never have been given the opportunity to happen, and yes it was a disaster waiting to happen, but that doesn’t mean that the fans of our club that contributed to it should be exonerated.

Importantly of course, they were not. The guilty –  on our side at least – were tried and jailed, justice was served. I won’t start a who did what to whom, I will just say, something like that does not happen without prior bad blood at some point. It is still no excuse but it is ignored and should not be.

Quick history lesson for those that complain Liverpool got their side banned from Europe. We didn’t. We were banned from Europe and rightfully so, but Thatcher made sure all English sides were banned. Why? Because she hated the working classes and any opportunity to attack them was fine by her and football was the working class man’s game. Blame us though, it’s much easier.

I was 3 years old when it happened and yet the tag “murderer” is mine for life, apparently, thanks to people who couldn’t care less about the 39 that were lost that day. Their deaths are merely a convenient weapon that can be used to attack Liverpool Football Club for many.

I can’t move on without talking about the blues I know personally who are disgusted with the attitude of some of their compatriots. I also don’t want to sit here like Liverpool fans are holier than thou.

I’ve heard Munich chants and I’ve been asked to join in and even been questioned as a grown man as to why I was not. I’ve then been threatened when I told people why I wasn’t going to be part of it. It wasn’t at Anfield which is small mercy, it was in a pub in the city centre before match. I will never join in, it’s sickening and anyone that thinks it is funny or acceptable to mock the dead needs to fuck off out of my club.

Blind hatred exists in pretty much every club, especially those with the bigger fan bases. It could have been fans of any of the big English clubs in Heysel and the same goes for Hillsborough. The fact is though, it was us.

Liverpool aren’t victims, the city or the club. It was our defiance that angered those in charge to do everything they could to make us out to be heartless, even to the degree that they said we “urinated on and robbed our own dying and dead” and “attacked medical staff giving CPR”. I feel sick just writing that sentence and yet people at the S*n had no such qualms about telling the country it definitely happened, when it obviously didn’t. It doesn’t matter that there was no truth in it, it still sticks in the mind of many and is still used to attack Scousers to this day. I know, I’ve been on the end of it.

There is good and bad in every city. When you hear about a shooting, stabbing or other serious incident in the news, do you look to blame the city as a whole? Of course not, unless of course that city is Liverpool.

Liverpool fans, it’s time you learned a valuable lesson as well. Practice what you preach. Not all Chelsea fans are racist, stop treating them like they all are. There is a racist culture that rears its ugly head in the Chelsea fan base but the majority are disgusted, just as we were when a lad was racially abused in Anfield.

Who is the real victim, the fans of the team who have had more shit thrown at them than any other in this country and keep fighting for justice, for their own and for others as well or those telling them to “move on” and “get over it” because they “can’t win” and “enough time has passed”?

That’s right, Scousers as a people are fiercely independent – we’ve had to be – but also will not just fight for their own causes. There were Scousers that went over in their thousands to fight against Franco during the Spanish Civil War, that action of defiance and no passaran though isn’t part of the “self pity” narrative, so let’s ignore it.

Scousers were the last to cave when the tories looked to privatise, well everything, and shut down the working classes. A brave stance that saw some families destitute.

Respect? No, they are seen as “weak” now, and “typical Scousers” and “trouble makers”. Well yes, they are typical Scousers in that they wouldn’t lie down and instead of supporting those miners and dockers, you made them a scapegoat and Thatcher used them to help manage the decline of working class cities. 

I was born in England and by definition I am an English man. I supported England when I was younger, I even foolishly supported them at the last World Cup. Why? Because even as a Scouser watching England games in the middle of Manchester, the blind hatred wasn’t there. That World Cup brought everyone together. It was incredible. I thought, just maybe, it was a change for the better.

Funny thing though, as soon as the World Cup finished, the “banter” was back and even more hate filled than ever. Liverpool were top of the league and the small minded hate mongers couldn’t deal with it. “Anyone but Liverpool” was the cry. I have learned my lesson, no more false dawns, I will never support the England football team again.

Literally anyone but Liverpool  – even a side that bought their way to relevance at the top of the table by selling the soul of the club to a country that wanted to whitewash their human rights record – Abu Dhabi FC is the hill that you choose to die on…

It doesn’t matter though, they’re not Scousers and that’s what we’ve come to.

These people have had their minds poisoned by blind hatred so much so, that facts do not matter to them.

From the older generation that will never let go of their jealousy of the 70’s and 80’s to those from the 90’s and onward who had that passed down and now don’t want to let go of their slipping memes.

You show us nothing but hate, derision and some of you still even question the findings of one of the longest trials in British history after the biggest cover-up in British history.

You don’t just live the lie, you embrace it.

Little Englanders so institutionalised by your own patriotism, you will allow anything in the name of mother England.

“Murderers!” You cry as you strive for a long forgotten Britannia as you miss the fantastic irony. Scotland and Ireland are still at each other’s throats because of the English. One side of each country claiming to love us, the other to hate us.

The damage England has done, along with Belgium, France, Holland and many others is still felt to this day. Why? Because the blind hatred we instilled in them lives on and manifests itself in unnecessary conflict.

I don’t hate all English people, that would be ridiculous. I just don’t want to be part of it and apparently it doesn’t want me either, so what’s the problem? I don’t boo the national anthem. I understand those that do but I don’t think it is productive. While we are on that subject though, if you as a Liverpool fan are so outraged about Liverpool fans booing the national anthem, you missed the point.

You do not understand the beating heart of this club, you will never be truly part of it and you are here only for the potential success which is about 1% of the club. Perhaps seriously ask yourself, what you are supporting and if you don’t like the answer then maybe you should support someone else because if there is one thing I can say about the overwhelming majority of Liverpool fans it’s this – we are who we are, not who you want us to be.

I am English, whether I like it or not by virtue of being born in a country called England but I am not proud to be English and I am absolutely proud to be Scouse.

“We’re not English, we are Scouse” isn’t meant to be taken literally. It’s a way to tell the rest of the country and anyone else who is listening that we do not identify with the morals and beliefs of the government in power, the Tories. That’s why the anthem was booed so vociferously and louder than it has been before. Because we are smart enough to know that Boris Johnson would happily run us into the ground like Thatcher did.

You say we are crying for no reason, I say walk a million miles in our shoes and see if your fucking feet hurt. Even then, we don’t cry, we just look to throw our shoes at you and defiantly march on barefooted.

So at least now you know why we are who we are and why we sing and will continue to sing:

We’re not Englsh, we are Scouse!

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