Opening Day 2021 – Part 1

This week on the podcast is Red Sox week and as such I must as per the rules act in the manner of a Red Sox fan.

Opening day part 1 is a title to allude to the fact that sadly the Red Sox home opener against the Orioles has been postponed.

In a way, I am happy about that as I get to watch another live game tomorrow and I also got to watch in its entirety the Blue Jays @ Yankees game.

Even the things that previously may have annoyed you were beautiful to see, for example Yankees fans booing every perfectly called strike against their team.

As a “Red Sox fan” I was cheering for Toronto of course. As I sat tucking into what one Twitter page referred to as a “Crime against poutine” (they were right the bacon spoiled it but the poutine itself was lovely) I was really enjoying the performance of both pitchers.

I threw the commentator’s curse down on Ryu by stating how impressed I’d been with him for Gary Sanchez to hammer one into the crowd.

Sanchez was extremely impressive both with the bat and ball. A highlight was him taking out a runner on the way to second base. I’m still not 100% with all the names yet, that will come.

A reason I wanted to do the podcast was to find something I liked about all teams, Sanchez was very much the attraction of the Yankees for me. I felt a bit for Cole when he left one over the plate for Teoscar Hernandez who smashed out of there like it owed him money.

Another name I remember was Merryweather who looked naughty throwing strikes.

Overall it was a really enjoyable first game, certainly has whet the appetite for more that’s for sure.

The Blue Jays won, I liked their uniforms and I liked their team. They played good defense and there was just a lot to like about them as a whole. The “Red Sox fan” was happy but maybe not looking forward to playing the men from Toronto.

After the game was over, I watched the remainder of the Rays v Marlins. The reason I chose this game was that the podcast is focused on the AL East right now.

It was a pitchers duel in Florida and while Alcantara looked good for the Marlins, Glasnow was lights out for the Rays.

Austin Meadows homer was enough to win the game and the other thing of note was the music from the stands.

I think it’s safe to say the one thing my partner enjoyed from opening day was the Marlins Mariachi Band. I did myself. It was unexpected as I’m not used to that and didn’t expect it at a baseball game but one of the things I love about baseball is how different each team and their fans can be.

This morning, I finished up watching the rest of the games on MLB.TV condensed games. Highlights included but are not limited to:

Cabrera’s HR (homerun) in the snow. I am still annoyed I didn’t pick with Cabrera for the first HR after changing to Baddoo. Let it go, Screwball, let it go.

The Brewers epic come from behind win. Hats off to the crowd who really showed what we’d been missing from sport in general, not just baseball. Urias’ catch was the higlight of the game for me.

Pirates upsetting the Cubs and Ke’Bryan Hayes (my pick for AL ROY) showing what he’s all about. I just missed out on Rodriguez in the draft and watching him pitch did not help me feel better about that.

Didi Gregorious’ over the shoulder catch was a thing of beauty and that was a really good game. Braves can count themselves unlucky and I think on most days they would have won that one but Phillies showed a real determination and made big plays when it mattered, where the Braves made small mistakes that cost them – head down and run Albies! Enjoyable game though. Oh and how can you not love the Kung Fu Panda?

Surpisingly my favourite team so far is the Rockies. As the podcast goes on, you’ll come to learn that my favourite kind of baseball is “smallball” I love the web gems, I love just putting the ball in play and forcing things to happen with sac flies or basehits, I love stolen bases. The Rockies knew they couldn’t match the Dodgers for power, they didn’t even try. On another day the Dodgers wouldn’t have made the mistakes they did but the Rockies played what was in front of them. I loved it!

Padres looked exciting and Dbacks did well to stay with them. Nice ballpark, not one of the games I enjoyed most if I’m honest though.

Royals fans take the prize for best fans so far. 5-0 down and with Benintendi having made somewhat of an error, there didn’t seem to be a man, woman or child not on their feet when he made the catch that kept it at 5-0. It’s one thing to cheer when you’re winning, to get behind your team 5 down? That’s what matters, even if it was the first innings. Liked the uniforms and ballpark as well. Credit to the Rangers for making a game of it.

White Sox @ Angels was one of the best games of the day in terms of the quality on show. Some games got out of hand and were fun because of a lack of quality but this was a game were two evenly matched teams went at it. Of course Trout had his say. I liked a lot about both teams. A lot to recommend this game and both teams. Nod to Giolito who looked good and did well given the task at hand.

Say what you want about the Astros and I’ve said plenty but they looked damn good. Altuve (who I picked up in fantasy deliberately for his quality and to show I’m not biased) had a game. I actually like more about the Astros than some people might think, we’ll save that for the podcast though and whenever their episode is. I liked the A’s but there wasn’t much to recommend them in this one other than Pinder who straight away became my favourite player with two great catches.

And then finally the Giants looking like they were cruising against the Mariners and suddenly, not so much. Actually another game where I liked what I saw from both teams. Both have their problems but I like to see baseball played and I did so thanks to both teams for that. Mitch Haniger’s sliding catch is what I’m all about.

Basically, I’m in love with the sport and it’s only day 1!

So there you have it, Opening Day part 1 is in the books. Now for part 2. Let’s go Red Sox!

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