Three things I like about your MLB team

There are teams I like and teams I dislike but overall the reason I created The Screwball and JoBu Show is because there’s something to admire about every team either now or in their past.

With that said and the fact I’m newish to the game in mind, here are what I like about 30 teams in the MLB


Baltimore Orioles – Those unis and that logo. Camden Yards. The fact you have an exciting project ahead.

New York Yankees – Too many greats to name, those classic pinstripes and every great story needs a “bad” guy and that rivalry with the Red Sox is immense.

Toronto Blue Jays – a lot of current players I like, you play in Canada which I may one day call home, really like the moves you’ve made to compete this year

Boston Red Sox – Fenway is second to none, family and friends in New England, greatest comeback in the sports history and that rivalry with the Yankees. The Pesky Report is my kind of podcast as well. Oh and Xander hit the second HR I ever saw.

Tampa Bay Rays – Really like how the team operates, overachievers and play the game the right way. I have more to learn about them and this week is Rays week on the podcast.

AL Central:

Kansas City Royals – Play the game the right way, like those blues and the ball park looks pretty cool. Oh yeah the fans have impressed me most with the love shown to Benintendi at 5 down after he made an error then came back with a very good play.

Detroit Tigers – That home run by Cabrera on opening day, Akil Baddoo’s start, that logo I first saw on Magnum …

Minnesota Twins – Great name, nice looking ball park, I really like Maeda

Chicago White Sox – That Sox throwback uni is awesome, part of the best series I’ve seen so far with the Angels, Abreu refusing to hit anything bur homeruns

Cleveland Indians – Bob Uecker, the team from Major League … for now, Shane Bieber. Oh and the first HR I ever saw? Edwin Encarnacion in an Indians uniform at Fenway Park.

AL West:

Houston Astros – You signed one of my best friends (love ya Joe YNWA), your orange striped throwbacks are superb, I like the train

LA Angels – Shohei Ohtain, Mike Trout, best series so far and most exciting team to watch so far.

Seattle Mariners – Ichirooooo!!!!!! Kikuchi, exciting future project.

Texas Rangers – Nolan Ryan, Joey Gallo, Nate Lowe.

Oakland A’s – both logos, well run ball club, feel really accessible for a reason I can’t quite understand. Oh and I really like Pinder.

NL East:

Washington Nationals – Trea Turner, winning after “losing” Harper, quite like the logos.

Philadelphia Phillies – The Phanatic! I like the unis, I can get a cheesesteak at the game (yeah I’m a tourist) oh and Zac Wheeler showing why we shouldn’t use the universal DH

NY Mets – Lindor, De Grom, JoBu is a Mets fan.

Miami Marlins – The Mariachi band! (apologies if they’re not Mariachi but that’s what I’m calling them until futher notice), Chisholm, exciting project.

Atlanta Braves – Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz. Sorry, I had to.

NL Central:

Cincinnati Reds – Along with the Angels, the most exciting team I’ve seen so far. Most surprising as well after opening day. Nearly always open at home. Castellanos.

Chicago Cubs – Wrigley, overcoming the biggest curse in baseball, the “W”.

St Louis Cardinals – Probably the classiest organisation in baseball or thereabouts. Really well run club and one of the more underrated ball parks I’ve seen.

Milwaukee Brewers – JoBu supports them. A lot of my friends support them, that opening day finish! Bob Uecker for real and not just in movies.

Pittsburgh Pirates – PNC Park, Ke’Bryan Hayes, exciting project

NL West:

LA Dodgers – if we include Brooklyn, has any ball club be as instrumental in the history of the game? Julio Urias will always have a special place in my heart, as will Fernando Valenzuela and of course Jackie Robinson. Such a beautiful view from the ball park as well.

San Diego Padres – Electric on their day. Nice looking ball park and I love Blake Snell

Arizona Diamondbacks – Big Unit, Clemens, Marte. I need to learn more about them but that’s not a bad starting point!

San Francisco Giants – Beautiful ball park, Kevin Gausmann my favourite “sleeper” pick for fantasy and again if we’re talking New York Giants as well, Willie Mays. Also what a rivalry with the Dodgers

Colorado Rockies – Lovable “losers”, not even really an exciting project, quite like those purple unis and logos, you gotta be loyal to follow this team. McMahon 3 for 3 HR’s performance. Trevor Story, that opening day, I’m really trying for the Rockies because damn do they deserve it. Colorado is pretty beautiful as well from what I’ve seen.

So there you have it. I did my best with what little knowledge I have. Hopefully as my knowledge improves and as time goes by, I’ll appreciate most if not all, more in the future.

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