Seattle it’s time to get Kraken!

Disclaimer: I know nothing.

First off here’s a quick look into my thinking when I pick. Who’s cheap and who is a 20/21 contract. After that it’s is there anyone available worth losing that precious cap over and why.

Anaheim – Volkov: Cheap, upside, 20/21Arizona – Fischer: see above but a little bit more expensive

Boston – Lauzon: same deal but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clifton. Gutted Blueger wasn’t available here, well played Pens.

Buffalo – Borgen: Most people are going Miller here and maybe we do but I think we can get better players and experience elsewhere and I like Borgen’s potential and that and cap space are my main aim

Calgary – Giordano: I told you I could get experience elsewhere, I also get a captain, a first-line D who puts up points for fun, he’s everything we could ask for. I have a good feeling. Wouldn’t be upset to see Kylington as a second choice but this is where you make a move.

Carolina – Bean: Cheap and upside. I personally love Mrazek but I also think he wants to go back to Carolina and a deal will be done here.

Chicago – Zadorov: 3.2m is a bit steep but I honestly think the best is yet to come for him and I think he’ll suit the style we will play far more than Chicago and he’d be one I’d back to make the jump. If not, I’d take Delia as a reliable third choice keeper who would be happy to play that role.

Colorado – Donskoi: I like him a lot and if Landeskog wants to come, he can come on our terms in FA. If he doesn’t best of luck elsewhere. Donskoi is the pick here and if not JT Compher. There’s no reason it should be Landeskog to my mind.

Columbus – Domi: There might not be a more underrated player in the NHL right now. This guy had a horrible year in Columbus (though most attacking players do under Torts) but is two seasons removed from 72 points! I see no reason whatsoever he can’t find that form again. No brainer this one.

Dallas – Mascherin: Did any team do a better job giving you less to pick from? You have to take a shot in the dark here and given his AHL performance, this is my pick. Could be anyone. Well played Dallas.

Detroit – Svechnikov: Obvious low risk, high reward candidate. May just need a change of scenery. If not it’s Stetcher and I wouldn’t be unhappy with either.

Edmonton – Benson: This is another I’m not so sure about. I like Benson’s potential upside. Maybe it’s the more experience Turris? Or perhaps they shock us all and stash Klefbom? I’m sticking to my formula.

Florida – Nutivaara: Just wait a minute, hear me out. Driedger being done is one of the worst kept secrets in the NHL. So why would you ever draft him when you don’t need to? Speak to him and explain he’s your 1A and the deal is done but you want to maximise value for the team which is beneficial for him also. Then take Nutivaara and sting FLA twice.

LA – Clague: Could be anyone of Athanasiou, Wagner, Lizotte or Clauge but I went with Clague. Roll the dice people.

Minnesota – Kahkonen: I can’t believe he is up there. Yeah Soucy would be a nice addition but Kahkonen a few years from now is a potential game winner. Talent is off the charts, he just needs to put it together. Minnesota could live to regret this, let’s make sure they do!

Montreal – Kulak: In the words of Crowded House “don’t dream it’s over” it never really began Price will not be coming to Seattle, no chance, no how. He’s too expensive and either has or is making up injuries to stay in MTL. You don’t risk that for a 33 year old who has been up and down and who MTL have ran into the ground and do no favours with their style of play. Kulak is a nice sensible option to round out the team. The more realistic potential risk is Drouin but it all depends where his head is at. Whatever Drouin decides, best of luck to him. It’s okay to not be okay.

Nashville – Jarnkrok: One of few I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get. Just love his game. He does the dirty work well. Big body, out performs his contract, great attitude. Exactly the kind of player we should be looking at and even has that important 20/21 contract. Get him! Yakov Trenin might be another option and nothing against him, I just want Calle.

New Jersey – Bastian: He needs to work on his toughness but has the tools to be an absolute menace on the boards. One for the grind line. Ron will toughen him up.

New York Islanders – Bellows: Probably the pick I most expect to be made. Bailey and Eberle are nice but I believe we’ve got a window in mind and they don’t fit it.

New York Rangers – Gaulthier: Again I was quite surprised to see a 23-year-old with his upside but then Dolan always has known the price of everything but the value of nothing. Let’s show him what players can do when you bother to coach them instead of see them as parts.

Ottawa – Daccord: Could be an okay pick … get it? There’s nothing I see of value in Ottawa other than this goalie who could go in the system and find his way playing in AHL. Seems a smart pick.

Philadelphia – JVR: I thought about Gost, but we’re going to be a puck-possession team and he gives away the puck too much and he’s also a bit weak against bigger forwards. Neither of these fit who we are and I’m not sure you can change who he is. JVR is JVR, he’s a professional, he’s reliable, he’s not going to lose value and he’s a smart pick here.

Pittsburgh – Tanev: Real surprised to see him up there. Has the kind of edge we are looking for, oh to see him and Jarnkrok on the same line … Please! Along with Jarnkrok he’s too perfect to not take!

San Jose – Gambrell: Sort of a local lad. Cheap, upside, has an edge. I like it. Could be Donato but I’d like to see Gambrell here for who we are. Maybe Simek … hmmm

St Louis – Dunn: Tarasenko doesn’t want to be here, he’s not going to be the player he was for the amount of time we would need him to be in my opinion so unless we have a trade sorted with another team it’s Vinny boy on the blue line and I’d be happy with that.

Tampa Bay – Johnson: WHAT?! Yes there are more talented players to choose from but I see no way that TBL looking for a threepeat don’t give us an offer we can’t refuse. I’m thinking to pick Johnson they agree to let go of Colton/Joseph, maybe both or some kind of draft picks. They will sweeten the pot and we’ll take it. If not, we’ll take Gourde or Palat and they don’t want to lose either.

Toronto – McCann: I don’t think Toronto care enough to be offering up enough for us to not take McCann. I believe they did the deal to protect Holl, who I wanted, and McCann is a sacrificial lamb to them. If I’m wrong and they want to protect him then we will take Kerfoot and a sweetner. If they want to protect both, the pot gets sweeter still and it’s Dermott. Either way we can’t lose against Toronto in this draft.

Vancouver – Lind: Cheap, upside.

Washington – Vanecek: Another short-sighted short term move that we should make a team pay for. Put Kahkonen up against Vanecek for that number 2 goalie spot and whoever wins, damn that’s a nice 1-2 combo.

Winnipeg: Appleton: Pretty straight-forward here. I do like DeMelo but Appleton has greater upside, is younger and cheaper so … There you have it, my completely pointless draft. Hope you enjoyed because in the end, that’s what all this is about. I have complete faith in Ron … as long as he gets Tanev and Jarnkrok

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