Are we the baddies?

“The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same goal and everybody having a share in the rewards. That’s how I see football, that’s how I see life.” – Bill Shankly

To answer the question posed in the title, yes. Or at least we could well be if we don’t right this wrong extremely quickly!

If you look up the word “fan”, you will see it is derived from the word “fanatic”. This is pretty well known but the importance of this I think is understated.

A fanatic is someone that is single-minded, an extremist and is often associated with political or religious causes.

I’m not a fan. I know this because there is no team in any sport that would make me sell out the game to achieve success at all costs.

When Liverpool and Manchester United were found to be in cahoots (not just them either), I looked at the proposal they put forward. A lot of it was good and would have helped those in “lower leagues”.

It all seemed pretty straight-foward and even dare I say generous to some degree and then I came to the point where it all made sense.

Nine teams would have the final say on all voting for changes that would happen in the Premier League. Basically this was a cash for power deal.

It got worse. I then read about how the same antagonists had been working with clubs around Europe to create a European Super League.

It didn’t take long to realise they wanted their cake and to eat it, so to speak. Not only do they want the power to change the Premier League to make it easier for themselves but now they want to finally kill off the chance of other European teams entering the Champions League.

It is already ridiculously hard for clubs outside of the top 5 leagues in Europe to be succesful in the Champions League. By the time some of them have made it to the group stages, they’ve already played in 3 qualifying rounds.

Liverpool notably had to do this in 2005/06 to allow them to defend the European Cup they had won the previous season.

While I believe it was right for them to be allowed to defend their title and I’m glad the rule changed, I can definitely see how other teams were not so pleased about how that decision was made “on the fly”.

I also question would this have been the case were it not a team with the fanbase and global stature that Liverpool has.

I’ve been falling out of love with Premier League football, to the point where it is no long the league I consider mine. La Liga is my league of choice now.

The reason for this is I am fed up of how Premier League fans are treated, be it by the Government, the broadcasters or their own clubs.

The latest addition to this litany of greed is the idea that we should pay £15 to watch a game of football in our own homes.

Some idiots actually paid this. The mind boggles. It’s important to point out that fans of many clubs did not and instead gave that money to charity.

If you tried to introduce £15 games at home in Spain or especially Germany, they’d cry laughing at you and then if you still persisted they would shut the league down.

Don’t believe me? Check out what German fans did when the Bundesliga tried to have matches on a Monday.

Sadly it’s just another example of the bootlicking culture that has become so prevelant in a Great Britain that was never really that great to begin with and is now a quivering melt’s dream.

So I stopped watching the Premier League but I continued to watch Liverpool because my team hadn’t done anything wrong.

Our owners hadn’t been responsible for human rights abuses.

Our owners had listened when they tried to up prices and we stood firm. A small victory given how far out of hand the situation already is but a victory none the less.

Now though? It is our owners that are looking to close off competition, create a monopoly and take from the game we claim to love.

I was heartened to see that many Liverpool fans responded as I did. Many others though didn’t care. You see those people are fans/fanatics.

They don’t care about what is best for the sport at all levels.

The idea about the unbearables tag was to get back at all those who had given us nothing but abuse for 30 years and turn it on its head and own it.

It wasn’t to actually become so unbearable that we turned into those people, obsessed only with hate and abuse for our rivals to the point where we’d sell the soul of the game just so we could stay on top and prosper at the expense of competition.

“We are Liverpool” we sing proudly. If we want to continue to sing that proudly then we better start fucking acting like we are indeed Liverpool.

I was watching the build-up to the derby the other day and they showed Bill, Bob and Jurgen. Three socialists, three men who have at one time or another understood and embodied the heart and soul of this football club.

They are Liverpool in terms of the club and we are Liverpool in terms of the club and in many cases its people as well.

Liverpool might be one of the biggest clubs in the world now, but we got here after relegation, after playing in the second division and before that even more humble beginnings.

Imagine now if that path was never open to us. Imagine we rose to the top of English football only to be told that the European places were decided and our name wasn’t on that list.

That is what we are threatening to do to other clubs and personally, I’d rather walk away from the game than ever end up with that being the case.

You know why? Because this actually does mean more!

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